Shadomoon Aussies


   GCh Shenandoah Shadomoon Secret Edge CD HS NA NAJ RA


  Premier ASCA Ch Shadomoons Rhyme and Rhythm (AKC pted)


   GCh Shadomoons Take On The World


   Ch Shadomoons Ewe Talkin' About Me?


   GCh Shadomoons Looks That Kill PT RATN STDds


   GCh/ASCA Ch Shadomoons Get Your Buzz On CA


   Ch Shadomoons Quintessential CD BN NJP


   GCh Shadomoons Taken for Granite


   Multi Group Winning GCH Shadomoons Eclipse the Rest


   Ch Shadomoons Exquisite Excellence


  Group Placing Ch Shadomoons Buzzinga


  Shadomoons Unexpected Jackpot (AKC pted)


   Shadomoons Hail to the Queen (AKC maj pted)


   Ch Hightide Shadomoon Set Fire to the Stars RN


   Shadomoons Timeless Quality RA (AKC maj pted)


   Shadomoons Wood Runner (AKC pted)


   Troves Trippin In the Light (AKC pted) Fantastic


   MACH Shadomoons-Shenandoah One So True


   Shadomoons Again Again Again


   Shadomoons Enjoy the Ride SCN


   UKC Ch Shadomoons Gonna Ruff Ewe Up BN RA CA CGC